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NOVA home inspection LLC- NOVAhi™ - focuses on providing the very best home consultations and inspections in Northern Virginia. Alex Aderton, is the owner and principal inspector. Alex is a member in good standing of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI®) and is an ASHI Inspector — a designation reserved only for those members who meet the educational, experience and ethical requirements set by ASHI.  ASHI has met the rigorous requirements of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) as a certifying body. ASHI is the only home inspection association able to meet these requirements. ASHI Inspectors are some of the most skilled and qualified in the home inspection industry.

ASHI represents more than 5,000 professional independent home inspectors and more than 80 chapters across the U.S. and Canada.  ASHI maintains the most rigorous standards of practice and code of ethics enhancing professionalism in U.S. home inspection services. Founded in 1976—ASHI is the 'Gold Standard' of the home inspection industry. As the oldest and most respected professional association for home inspectors, ASHI has the most industry-stringent requirements for membership.  In addition to requiring members to have a minimum level of experience, ASHI Inspectors must pass The National Home Inspectors Examination. There are tests and yearly classroom continuing educational credit requirements which all ASHI Inspectors must meet.

Alex is a member of the Northern Virginia ASHI 

Chapter - NOVA ASHIAs a NOVA ASHI chapter member, Alex attends monthly meetings and bi-annual seminars which provide the best opportunity to learn about structural and mechanical systems as well as remain current on residential building practices, procedures, and real estate issues affecting the local Northern Virginia real estate and housing market.

Alex is also a board member of VAREI, The Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors. VAREI is the voice for Virginia home inspectors and consumers in statewide issues. Members that span the Commonwealth protect the standards that regulate professional inspectors and the interest of the public.
RADON TESTING. Alex is a Certified Radon Measurement Specialist. This is a higher qualification than others, who only can place radon testers and must send them to outside laboratories for reading and results.  We do not depend on third-party, outside labs!  We are certified to place, test, evaluate and interpret the results. Our own NOVAhi™ accredited radon testing means you receive quick, accurate resultsdirectly from us.
NOVAhi™ inspections may take longer than most—averaging 3 to 4 hours—because we are very thorough. Based on visual observations we make every effort to provide the best information which you can use to make good real estate decisions about the condition of the inspected systems and components of a home. In addition to detecting any major deficiencies, we point out issues or concerns that may avoid future expense and repairs, and we recommend possible upgrades to improve homeowner safety and energy efficiency. Your report will clearly explain all the findings so they are easily understood, answer your questions, and make recommendations for repairs. Your home inspection is a home education

We may be referred by your agent, but you hire us, we work FOR YOU and only you, it's that simple.  ASHI inspectors are prohibited from receiving compensation for referrals from realtors and contractors, and from performing paid repairs on houses they inspect. We’ll attempt to find significant deficiencies and report it accurately, objectively, without bias or emotion. 

NOVAhi™ demonstrates and fulfills our professional obligation to you by promoting and proclaiming the ASHI Client Bill of Rights. Our inspections are compliant with Virginia State Certified Home Inspections and the ASHI Standard of Practice for Home Inspections and Code of Ethics
NOVAhi™ delivers dome of the most thorough inspections and comprehensive Property Inspection Reports in Northern Virginia. Inspection Reports adhere to Virginia's Certified Home Inspection standards. Your report will be full of detailed information about the property and includes many helpful photos that clearly identify and illustrate any areas that need to be addressed.