Sample NOVAhi™ Report

The NOVAhi™ Home Inspection Report:

Even the best Home Inspection has limited value without a thorough and professional written Inspection Report. NOVAhi takes great pride and care to ensure that our reports comply with the commonwealth of Virginia and ASHI Standard of Practice for Certified Home Inspections. As such, we do not use checklist style reports and we do not issue reports on site. We know that taking the extra time required to carefully consider and detail our inspection observations makes our reports more useful to all involved in the real estate process and makes our reports more difficult to dispute.

Our reports:

  • Identify systems and components that are not functioning as intended, significantly deficient, unsafe, or near the end of their service life

  • Explain the nature of the problem with the identified system or component (e.g., the risks involved or caused by the identified deficiency)

  • Recommend whether you should repair, replace, monitor, or seek additional information from a qualified professional specialist regarding identified systems and components

  • Are digitally imaged and computer generated using one of the very best inspection reporting software in the industry

  • Include HD color photos, videos and written in a narrative format — NOT an itemized checklist-type report

  • Are comprehensive, objective, thorough and annotated with specific detailed recommendations for the property—you do not need to take notes

  • Provide you with professional advise and suggested improvements, numerous web links to valuable information, and maintenance tips for your safe home ownership

  • Are available to download on any web-based electronic or mobile device—to facilitate real estate contingency negotiations

  • Are easy to read, follow, and understand—they include a convenient Executive Summary of all significant deficiencies 

At the end of the inspection we’ll go over the major findings, including photos, and perform a post-inspection walkthrough to further explain our recommendations and answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

Your Virginia and ASHI certified Home Inspection Report will be uploaded online within 24-48 hours after the inspection. You will receive a confidential password-protected emailed link to view your report on any mobile device.

Click HERE to review one of our sample Home Inspection Reports